With regard to our Data Center Solutions, our main focus has been on improving efficiency in Web-hosting, data storage space, backup and web application design, as well as management. However, since cloud integration and data center consolidation are top concerns for many large and small organizations in public and private sectors alike, we continue to look into solutions that better help decrease infrastructure cost. Cost effective solutions must be able to serve our customer's mission without degrading the efficiency of delivering ICT services for customers' mission critical information systems.

Core Competence and Capabilities:

Web Hosting

Data Center Solutions

Cyber Security

DB Management & Development

N/W Design & Implementation

Implementing Policies and Procedures

  • Agency-Specific Security Policy Guidance and Enforcement
  • Identify Regulatory Requirement & Ensure Compliance
  • FISMA & FISCAM Compliance
  • Security Policy Development
  • Security Integration into Systems
    Life Cycle & Enterprise Architecture
  • Security Risk Management 

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Monitor Vulnerability Releases – CVEs, Security Patches
  • Manage Patches - Identify Applicable Patches, Test and Apply Patches
  • Security Scans Using Tools Including Nessus, WebInspect, DBProtect

Systems Security Authorization

  • Develop & Maintain Authorization Documents
  • Systems Security Test and Evaluation
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Configuration Management
  • Contingency Planning
  • Disaster Recovery and Incident Response Planning

ICT Training

  • Database Management and Development
  • Web Design and Application Development
  • Data & Server Management
  • Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

  • Network Design and Appliances
  • Information Systems Management

  • Systems Security Authorization

Web Design and Hosting

We are excited to work with all customers for their web design and hosting needs. We specialize in not only designing and implementing websites that meet customers' defined and specific requirements, but will provide strategic advice on customer's business needs and goals. Sites are designed with a specific look and feel in mind that should meet specific business goals of each customer.

We utilize VPS for web hosting needs. Our VPS is a highly redundant and constantly backed up hosting environment. The environment has high availability which means customers will not lose access any time even when there is maintenance like upgrades. That is because we guarantee 24/7 service with fail-over capabilities with 0 down-time.